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Why do we want data?
To maximize the scientific value of the human tissue samples, information about
the clinical status of the patient in combination with the quality and type of
samples is very important. A TuBaFrost electronic database will securely store all
this information. Within the closed project supporting environments, the data
collected will include:

  • Diagnosis - identification of the type of cancer
  • Type of tissue collected - the origin, i.e. breast, skin, colorectal
  • Quality of tissue collected - collection and storage details

The identity of the donor is not on this database.
The tissue is stored in the hospital where the donor was diagnosed/treated. It
stays there until it is used or sent to another hospital or research centre within the
TuBaFrost group. The electronic database will track samples throughout the
network. The tissue is not sold. The exchange of tissue to other hospitals is
regulated by a contract, which uses the national regulations of the country
supplying the tissue.

Tissue samples within the TuBaFrost collection will only be used for research,
which has been approved by ethics committees. This ensures that the tissue is
only used for the best quality research and only for the specific reasons given to
the ethics committee.
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