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Why international ?
In order to do research on all cancers large amounts of tissue need to be
collected in a coordinated way. Collection on an international scale means that
scientists/doctors can quickly have access to adequate amounts of tissue
(particularly for rare cancers).
Although it seems difficult to exchange samples in Europe, having different legal
situations in every country in Europe, TuBaFrost was able to determine a way to
exchange human samples with in Europe. This way is described in the  code of
Although, based and other legal principles, it respects the laws of the
country of origin. The laws then have arisen from a democratic process and
therefore reflect the will of the inhabitants.

Is Europe enough ?
No, sometimes matters in cancer research can be very pressing and cooperation
is sought on a higher level. Therefore, more harmonization is needed and the
code of conduct has given a fine principle of respect to work with that can be
taken over on a global level. This makes the work of global biobanking societies
like    ISBER, The Marble Arch working group,  P3G  very important.
Tuesday 20th of March 2018 04:53:21
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