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New Concept

The OECI-TuBaFrost consortium decided to leave the old concept because it appeared not to
be viable and therefore an alternative application was developed. The OECI-TuBaFrost web
site and database application makes use of a renewed concept and has been opened to OECI-
members. Non-members can join through introduction by one of the registered OECI-

The alternative concept consists of :

An open catalogue of biobanks with sample search and request procedures combined with
closed environments to support project sample exchange.

Open catalogue of biobanks:

The catalogue is based on a questionnaire developed in OECI-TuBaFrost and further refined
to a questionnaire suitable for clinical biobanks in BBMRI that fills a database with data about
the biobank and the collection the biobank has. This questionnaire only takes a few hours
(depending on the collection) to fill out and perhaps less then one hour every year to update.
The data is searchable and can indicate biobanks to contact with a relevant research question,
proposal for cooperation as well as quantity and definition of the desired samples.

Closed project exchange platforms:

The OECI-TuBaFrost was taken as the basis for the EuroBoNeT (FP6 project on bone
tumors) project. The database application was extended to handle not only frozen to
Formalin Fixed Paraffin Embedded (FFPE) pathology blocks, cell lines, xenografts, blood
samples as whole blood, buffy coat, serum, etc as well as Tissue Micro Arrays.
Even derivatives isolated from the samples like DNA, RNA and protein can be traced as
well as prospective collections can be requested in the community.
The for EuroBoNeT developed application format is now implemented back to OECI-
TuBaFrost and extended to deal with any sample type and to enable the support of sample
exchange in multiple projects in consortia as foreseen in future research platforms. Access to
these exchange platforms is only possible after permission of the coordinator that started the
project. The project exchange platform can have its own custom made banner complete with
logo, project colour and project title. In addition the different sample types can be activated
and deactivated or even given their own name. This way you can start a collection of earwax
from patients if necessary. Within the exchange platform it is necessary to upload sample
data; however this is now only a limited portion of the local biobank only dedicated to a

Access will be limited to European cancer researchers from OECI member institutes or cancer
researchers that cooperate with cancer researchers working at an OECI member institute.
OECI-members can register and after registration introduce non-members into OECI-
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