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What are the Patient's rights?
For the patient, the rights stay exactly the same as before OECI-TuBaFrost.
The patient has the right to withdraw consent for the storage or further use of left-over
tissue at any time through consultation with the treating doctor or opt out at the local
hospital, depending on the local rules and regulations.
It is possible that if the patient changes his/her mind a long time after an
operation, some of the tissue may already have been used for research.
Whatever the patient's decision, it will not affect his/her surgery or any other part
of his/her treatment or care.

What will happen to the results of the research?
Results will be published as appropriate in various scientific magazines and the
links to these research papers will be published on the TuBaFrost website.
All information stays anonymized and therefore the patient will not be identified in
any publication.
Unfortunately, information on the outcome of experiments can never be given
back to patients directly, because it concerns experimental data that still needs
verification and validation on its usefulness in a routine practice. As soon as the
method or treatment is validated and implemented as a routine practice the
patient will receive the innovated treatment also in a certified or accredited way.
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