Find & exchange human cancer samples for translational research

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What is the benefit to Scientists/Doctors ?
The scientist/doctor who collects the sample is taking part in an international
scheme to support future research in to diagnosis and treatment of cancer. They
have the opportunity to cooperate with scientists from outside their institute
performing the latest cutting edge techniques.

The scientist/doctor who uses the sample will know that the tissue they receive is
of high quality because of the international standards, which all hospitals in the
TuBaFrost group agree too. In addition, the scientist/doctor is able to identify
those biobanks that can potentially supply the amount of needed samples to the
experiments with the required statistical significant end results.

What are the benefits to the patients
The main reason for collecting tissue samples is to find new ways of diagnosing
and treating cancer. The benefits to the donor are few. The main benefit is to
future cancer patients, where the treatment and care for the patient group might
be innovated.
Tuesday 20th of March 2018 04:53:59
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