Find & exchange human cancer samples for translational research

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In this web site you will find   the central European database of OECI-TuBaFrost
collecting the information of biobanks or in the project support environment on
human material ie frozen tumor tissue specimens,pathology blocks, blood
samples in different forms, cell lines, Tissue Micro Arrays etc.In addition, a
complete description of our intentions, how to join as project coordinator, collector or
as cancer researcher looking for tumor samples and how to use this
facility is given. Our goal is by centralizing the tumor tissues information to
facilitate the search of doctors/ researchers for tumor materials, which they need
for their cancer research therewith facilitating cancer research.

Who are we ?
We are a group of pathology and research departments as well as bio-bankers in
clinical based biobanking based in comprehensive cancer centers or hospitals
with a competence in comprehensive cancer care across Europe. Each
participating institute is involved in cancer research resulting in innovative
procedures, new drugs, improved diagnosis and new insights in disease
development. The overall result is better care and treatment for cancer patients.

What is the benefit for the patient ?
The main reason for collecting tissue samples is to find new ways of diagnosing
and treating cancer. The real benefits to the donor are few. The main benefit is to
future cancer patients.

What is the benefit for the researcher ?
The scientist/doctor who collects the sample is taking part in an international
platform to support future research in diagnosis and treatment of cancer.
The OECI-TuBaFrost exchange platform offers insight in which biobank has certain
material and who to contact for a request of these materials. It enables
to compile large sets of samples of high quality needed for obtaining statistical
significant results. Furthermore, OECI-TuBaFrost also supports the exchange of
materials within a consortium running a project. The later is a confined to only
members of the consortium, whereas the open access is open for all OECI
members. The scientist/doctor who uses the sample will know that the tissue
they receive is of high quality because of the international standards, which all
hospitals in the TuBaFrost group agree too.

What is biobanking ?
In case you want to know more about biobanking and what it means for you,
you can read this in the  frequently asked questions that were put together
in the   EurocanPlatform project. Patient organization ECPC and medical research
biobankers have put together a series of questions from the patient perspective.
Together ECPC and medical research biobankers formulated the answers.
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