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In the scientific mode you will find information for the scientist and goes deeper into how the
concept works than the general part of the OECI-TuBaFrost web site. On the website you will
find documents that can help you determine how to benchmark or improve your biobanking
procedures to live up to current standards that can prepare you for future translational
research cooperation in multi center research projects. In addition, the contribution to
OECI-TuBaFrost of the different European biobanking projects TuBaFrost, EuroBoNeT,
BBMRI, SPIDIA and is explained.

Virtual Tissue Bank Network
OECI TuBaFrost was developed as a virtual network of clinical based biobanks, where the
samples stay at the local collector. At the local biobank the samples stay available for local
use as normal, however there should be access rules allowing external requests to be reviewed
which can lead to sharing of samples. The decision to share is however always made by the
institute where the samples reside, preferably through consulting a biobank committee. This
way the collection can be beneficial to take part in cutting edge multi-center research projects
in which you can perhaps negotiate your role and co-publication, access to the raw data or
access the cutting edge techniques. Look for potential benefits in the most appropriate and
feasible win-win situation for you that can work synergistically towards the outcome for both
the scientists and collector.

The OECI-TuBaFrost database application is rebuilt into a new concept
consisting of the combination of a catalogue of
biobanks for cancer research together with a flexible project exchange platforms. Such an
exchange platform can be started upon request of an OECI-TuBaFrost member. This member
becomes the project exchange coordinator of the created environment and is allowed to shape
the flexible exchange platform to become useful for the project. The environment is closed to
all others except for those OECI-TuBaFrost members who have been invited by the exchange
coordinator and have been granted access by the coordinator of the project. One coordinator
can run up to four platforms and take part in many others at the same time. Read more

Only European cancer researchers can participate in the OECI-TuBaFrost exchange platform,
or those introduced through a European cancer researcher. Be sure to register with an e-mail
address that is affiliated with the institute doing cancer research. Read more on why and how
to join
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