Find & exchange human cancer samples for translational research

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EurocanPlatform is a European FP7 project with the aim to set up a European Platform for
Translational Cancer Research. Biobanking is one of the Work Packages in the project, where
OECI-TuBaFrost was chosen as exchange platform and biobank/sample tracker. Documents
were assemled to be used for members in the EurocanPlatform consortium to harmonize and
. their collections to be used in the platform. More details of the EurocanPlatform
project itself are found via this link.
In the biobanking work package we use the experience of other European biobanking
projects to build upon. Work on the future view and opportunities of biobanking.
Identify roadblocks and alternative solutions, seeking the cooperation of
organisations within EurocanPlatform, ECPC, OECI, ECCO and EORTC.

The EurocanPlatform Sample Exchange platform
Description of the design and implementation of the database application is given in this pdf file.

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