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WP 10 Biobanking documents on Quality and procedures biobanks for the
EurocanPlatform consortium:

Guidelines and best practices have recommendations a high quality biobank should
strive for. The problems sketched and solutions offered can form the basis of a good
functioning biobank.
In case different institutes decide to start a cooperation and share samples, they
should go over their procedures and determine if these procedures could form an
obstacle to causing institutional bias. If so agreements should be made to avoid
collection and storage differences.
In addition one should bare in mind that before acquisition of the sample patient (pre-
)treatment and used procedure will always result in insolvable differences resulting in
institutional bias.

Guidelines for biobanks:
- OECD (Ed.), 2007. OECD Best Practice Guidelines for Biological Resource Centers
General Best Practice Guidelines for all BRCs. OECD, Paris.

- OECD Guidelines on Human Biobanks and Genetic Research Databases

Best practices for Biobanks:
- International Society for Biological and Environmental Repositories (ISBER), 2008.
Best practices for repositories: collection, storage, retrieval and distribution of
biological materials for research. Available from: Cell Preserv. Technol. 6, 3–58

- NCI, 2007. NCI Best Practices for Specimen Resources. NCI, Bethesda.

Minimal standards:
- Caboux, E., Plymoth, A., Hainaut, P. (Eds.), 2007. International Network of
Biological Resource Centres for Cancer Research:
: Recommendations on Common minimalTechnical Standards.

ABN (Austrelasian Biospecimen Network) Biorepository Protocols

Tissue banking:
- The role of the pathologist in tissue banking: European Consensus Expert Group
Report. Bevilacqua G, Bosman F, Dassesse T, Höfler H, Janin A, Langer R,
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- TuBaFrost 2: standardizing tissue collection and quality control procedures for a
European virtual frozen tissue bank network. Morente MM, Mager R, Alonso S,
Pezzella F, Spatz A, Knox K, Kerr D, Dinjens WN, Oosterhuis JW, Lam KH, Oomen
MH, van Damme B, van de Vijver M, van Boven H, Kerjaschki D, Pammer J, Lopez-
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Passioukov A, Lejeune S, Therasse P, van Veen EB, Ratcliffe C, Riegman PH:
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- Standard operating procedure for the collection of fresh frozen tissue samples.
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