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New Concept:

OECI-TuBaFrost is now a catalogue of biobanks dealing with cancer research. It is no longer
restricted to frozen tumour samples; any type of collection can be entered. The catalogue
is filled through answering an online questionnaire which can be finished in a couple of hours or
even less depending on the type(s) of collection submitted. The catalogue can be searched to
find the biobanks that might have the right samples for your experiment. These identified
biobanks can be send a request, under guidance of a questionnaire or when preferred directly.
In case Primary Investigators are identified to sub-collections these can even be addressed

The biobanks able to share samples for the project can be taken up by invitation into a sample
exchange platform. This exchange platform can be opened on request of a project coordinator.
The coordinator is allowed to change the sample data required and the type of samples. The
samples can meet a large array of different sample types like tissue (frozen or FFPE), blood
(whole blood serum buffy coat etc.), cell lines, xenografts, tissue micro arrays to toe nail
clippings or ear wax. As exchange coordinator you can define your own data fields needed for
the project. Set up drop boxes or open questions. Be careful though with changes in data
points when data is already answered. New ones can be entered but then the data of the
already uploaded samples need to be updated.
The environment is closed to all others except for those OECI-TuBaFrost members who have
been invited by the exchange coordinator and have been granted access by the coordinator of
the project. One coordinator can run up to four platforms and take part in many others at the
same time.
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