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The OECI-TuBaFrost initiative has been set up with financial support from the
European Commission. Starting in 2003 until 2006 it was directly financed in the FP5
TuBaFrost project. The consortium was able to set up the European virtual frozen
tumor tissue bank. From which the standardization, the code of conduct for
exchanging samples in Europe and the rules for access and use with incentives for
the collectors are widely used in different projects throughout Europe.

From 2006 2010 the initiative became part of the OECI through the OECI
Pathobiology working group, to be used as exchange platform for its members.
Support was given to keep the web based database application online. It became the

driving force to use the experience gained in other European projects and from the OECI
community to improve the exchange platform. Questionnaires amongst the members
showed that although there was a tendency to share and on the other hand reluctance
to upload sample data for sharing. The upload procedure was too lengthy and complex,
but perhaps more in importantly the benefits were unsure and unknown. On the other
hand it was clear the within the OECI, where the view on cancer research was prepared
for the future, the need for cooperation in multi center translational research projects
for better and faster innovation of patient care became increasingly prominent in time.
Projects like Eurocan Plus + contributed largely to this view and focused on the
fragmentation of cancer research. Biobanks need to be prepared for this new view in
their standardization efforts, implementation of a quality control program and in their
ability to share.
Support and experience gained fromEuroBoNeT, BBMRI, SPIDIA,
and EurocanPlatform as well as active participation in organizations like ISBER
ESBB, P2G and The Marble Arch working group on biobanking for medical research
were used to enhance the infrastructure.
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