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Since high throughput molecular techniques have entered the field of cancer research, the demand for collections of well-documented and high quality tumor tissue specimen has increased enormously. Even very large institute based systematic tissue banks require a long period of time to accrue sufficient numbers of specific or rare tumors.

Linking tumor tissue banks in a network can significantly shorten the time needed to obtain a large collection of well-documented and high quality tumor tissue specimens of defined subtypes. Sharing of samples is needed to be able to have enough samples to obtain statistical significant results and validate the findings. Sharing offers the opportunity to work together on the latest views and with cutting edge techniques in cancer research.

Keep custodianship over the samples
OECI-TuBaFrost is a virtual tumor tissue bank. The collected tissue samples remain stored at the collecting institute and under custodianship of the collecting institute. This means that the samples are not allocated to an organization that will decide to what requests and under what terms you should contribute your samples. These decisions remain the responsibility of the participating institute. As a consequence you can:
  • Still access the samples locally as you are accustomed to. You need only update the availability on the central database when those samples are locally in use.
  • Benefit from being part of a tissue bank network, where large amounts of high quality well documented tissue samples of specific and uncommon types are available.
  • Upload data of scientifically valuable collections, which can increase your chances to take part as contributor and/or collaborator in large scientific projects using new cutting edge technology.
  • Negotiate directly with the requestor in a completely autonomous way regarding collaboration, publication or cost compensation.
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