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Here you will find the deliverables and Milestones thus far submitted to the European Commission during the project.
These documents report developments or describe the final outcome of the different tasks that were performed
within the project. These documents can be downloaded and used under the condition of a fair use policy.

Fair use policy:

The downloadable documents on this site can be used under the following conditions. If
parts of or ideas derived from them are used in publications or websites, you should refer
to the source If you wish to use the whole document in print,
the source should be clearly mentioned. It is not permitted to copy the whole document
onto your website. Instead a link to the TuBaFrost site can be made.
Alterations in the documents are not permitted unless you clearly indicate which parts
originate from TuBaFrost and which from you.
By respecting this relatively simple fair use policy you contribute to the publication of
more free and reliable data on the Internet. If you agree you can click the number to
download the deliverable or milestone of your interest

Deliverable NoDeliverable title
D 1.1Consortium agreement (Not available)
D 1.2Success criteria
D 1.3Program handbook
D 2.1Assessment of the technical aspects for storing frozen tissue
D 2.2Use of a basic prototype tissue storage system at the participating institutions
D 3.1Protocols for collection and storage of human tissue
D 3.2Basic design of local system for storage human tissue
D 3.3Implementation of local system for storage of human tissue
D 4.1Local information system
D 4.2Central information system for co-ordination of the networked tissue bank
D 4.3Make the search engine accessible on the Internet
D 5.1Assessment of the possibilities and development of workflow models
D 5.2The virtual microscopy in the workflow of tissue banks
D 6.1Assessment of policies and rules for a networked tissue bank
D 6.2Policy and rules for monitoring and use of banked tissues in research
D 6.3Not-for-profit business plan for the European Human Frozen Tumor Tissue Bank project.
D 7.1Overview for each country of the participating centers of relevant legislation and guidelines applicable in that country.
D 7.2A European Code of Conduct for research with tissue banking, including a summary for users and an information brochure for the general public.
MTAMaterial Transfer Agreement
D 8.1Construction and demonstration of the Tissue Banks educational web-site (Demo, not available)
D 9.1Description of complete system, including development process and quality assessment (Demo, not available)
D 9.2Workshop with demonstration and evaluation of complete system (Demo, not available)

Milestone NoTitle
MS 3.1Local storage system
MS 4.1Central information system
MS 6.1Rules and policy
MS 7.1Code of conduct for research on left over tissue
MS 7.2Forum discussion for broader platform Code of Conduct (Demo, not available)
MS 8.1European virtual tumor bank (Demo, not available)
MS 9.1Evaluation of the virtual tumor bank (Demo, not available)
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